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This month we helped an inmate with educational resources and a college education.

Every month, dozens of prisoner letters, that is, their life stories, come to our association. One of them was a prisoner who openly decided to go to university.

We buy and meet the clothing needs of the prisoners from our donors in order to bring them back to life not as potential criminals, but as useful individuals to the society. In addition, we send books for their personal development.

A prisoner in Izmir Closed Prison says in his letter:

I am studying at 2 universities remotely in prison. When I go to open prison, I want to study formally. I want clothes from you to wear at school and prison.

This prisoner's needs were sent. For many such prisoners, we can share in this goodness without leaving our home, so that people who understand their mistakes in prisons, who are waiting to be reintegrated into society as good individuals, who can become useful individuals for the society, not new potential criminals when they get out of prison, and to take part in the prayers of such people with thin hearts. We can also be instrumental in material and moral relief by supporting their clothing and book needs.

Now we have the opportunity to do charity and give alms in order to complete the contents of the box "shoes, coats, sweatpants, underwear" and to support the cargo expense to send the parcel.

The most requested items in the parcel content: coat, tracksuit, shoes, pants, sweater or t-shirt, underwear (underwear must be zero), prayer rug, prayer beads, skullcap, Mushaf-ı Şerif, books, calendar block and gift to your child, wife, according to the prisoners' request. clothing and other special requests of the prisoner (such as glasses, walking stick and beads). You can send donations and charity as much as you can directly.

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